3d printing service

Our 3D printing services are as follows:

1. Filament 3D printing: This type of service uses a printing technology known as Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM). In this process, a plastic filament, usually PLA or ABS, is used, which is melted and deposited layer by layer to build the desired object. The filament is fed through a hot extruder and quickly solidifies to form the 3D model. This process is widely used due to its accessibility and the availability of filaments in a wide range of colors and properties.

Filament printing is with Bambulabs X1 Carbon printers.

2. 3D printing in resin: This type of service uses a printing technology known as Stereolithography (SLA). In this process, a liquid photosensitive resin is used that is cured by exposure to ultraviolet light. The SLA 3D printer uses a laser or similar light source to selectively solidify the resin layer by layer, thus creating the 3D object. Resin 3D printing offers greater precision and fine details compared to filament printing, making it suitable for applications that require high print quality, such as jewelry, high-fidelity prototypes, dental models, among others.
The equipment we have for resin printing is as follows: